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I am having problems with web conferencing/BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton is World Para Powerlifting's web conferencing platform.

General instructions about using BigBlueButton are highlighted in the video below.

Additional frequently asked questions about using BigBlueButton are listed at this link.

I am not able to attend the full course I signed up for – can I still take the evaluations and earn the certification?

You must be present and participating in the entire course and evaluations in order to be eligible for certification. If an emergency occurs and you cannot attend the full course, please contact the course instructor or World Para Powerlifting as soon as possible to find a solution such as attending a course at a different date.

I cannot login - how do I reset my password?

Your password can be reset by visiting this link and inputting either your username or email address. Check your junk/spam mailbox if the email is not immediately received.

I don’t have consistent access to the internet – can I download course content?

Yes, some courses and their content can be downloaded for viewing and completion without an active internet connection.

To do this:

  • Download the Moodle application for free from the Apple or Android application store
  • Login using the site link and your account details
  • After logging in, click on a course and then Download Course

I don’t speak English as my first language – is content in a different language?

Most courses are delivered in English, unless otherwise noted.

For online self-study content, we recommend using a translator such as in Google Chrome or installing the Google Translate toolbar extension on another browser to support the translation of content. Note that the English text always takes precedence in all courses.

Depending on the instructor and the specific course, the face-to-face portion may be delivered in a different language.

I have a disability or cannot physically perform Para powerlifting lifts – can I still attend a course?

Yes – while the coach and technical official courses may sometimes encourage lifting, you are not required to perform the lifts. 

I’m not receiving messages, reminders or notifications from my course – what do I do?

Most likely the emails are going to your junk/spam mailbox – please check this and ensure the email is marked as not junk.

Is there anything I need to do before taking the course to prepare for them?

Generally, it is recommended to reread the Technical and/or Classification Rules and Regulations, and their appendices.

For each certification course itself, in the Before Course and Resources sections, there will be mandatory and recommended readings and activities. The course instructor will provide further details about the deadlines.